Have you often felt that there should be more to life?

Are you tired of problems and ready for possibilities?

What if all the things you have always dreamed of are truly possible?!

And what if you were the leader of your life...?!

If this sparks your interest:Then you have come to the right space!


What if life did not have to be about blood, sweat and tears?

What if life should indeed be about thriving and not merely surviving?

What if life and this world can work for you instead of against you?

And what if you were a creator and master of your life instead of its victim or slave?

What if everything was changeable, malleable? What if the molecules of this universe are waiting for you to talk to them, ask them things so they can gift you?

If any of this excites you: keep reading!



Access Consciousness (Access for short speak) is a set of tools and techniques that can change any area of your life that you desire. It provides you with a toolbox that can be used in simply ANY situation!

Access is all about consciousness and possibilities, creating a world and life that works for you and that empowers you. This can be about anything: business, leadership, family, relationship, children, money, sex, health, food, body. It is about EVERYTHING since awareness includes everything and judges nothing. 

The tools and techniques of Access are simple, very practical and pragmatic and they are above all, very effective! The founder of Access, Gary Douglas, and the co-founder Dr. Dain Heer, are constantly developing Access and allowing new insights and awarenesses to keep things dynamic and growing. This makes Access a very alive, non-stagnant system. There is no doctrine, no guru. It is all about empowering you to know what you know and that you know. It is about realizing you can be the creator of your life, the only person you have to follow is yourself. Not Access, not Gary, not Dain.

The work that I do with Access, has created so much change in people’s lives (including my own!), that it makes me grateful and excited to bring this to even more people. I do this mainly through sessions and courses. And by BEING ME, I am always being an invitation to others! 

Do you want to join me in creating a more aware planet, a more conscious, ease-filled and fun life & living?


Do you remember the last time you were really completely relaxed?

Do you wish to have more ease with your body and less aches and pains?

Do you have high-energy kids that often drive you up the wall?

Do you not know how exactly to cope with their or your own stress?

Do you feel stuck in some part of your life, or do you simply want more?

This can change with a session or a class with me!

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